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Welcome to Alasco Rubber and Plastics, your premier source for top-quality barrel bungs in the heart of San Luis Obispo, California. With decades of expertise, we’re known for crafting precision barrel bungs vital to the wine and spirits industry. Trust Alasco for the finest in barrel bung craftsmanship, locally and beyond. We proudly ship our products worldwide to serve customers around the globe.

Dalco Duall Complete

Why did the wine bung apply for the job? Because it wanted to fill the “hole” position perfectly! 🍷😄
A breathable wine bung allows a controlled flow of oxygen, which can enhance wine aging by improving flavors. It reduces the risk of spoilage and offers consistent aging. It’s also more secure and eco-friendly.

Our Products

Silicon wine barrel bungs are specialized stoppers used in winemaking to seal the openings of wine barrels. These bungs are typically made from food-grade silicone, which is a durable and inert material that does not affect the wine’s flavor or quality. The flexibility of silicone allows for a secure, airtight seal, preventing oxygen from entering the barrel and spoiling the wine. This innovation in barrel closure technology has become popular among winemakers for its reliability and ease of use in maintaining the integrity of aging wine.
Alasco Rubber, established in 1959, offers a wide range of custom rubber, silicone and cast polyurethane products.
We manufacture polyurethane rollers, capstans, pinch rollers, holding jigs, gears, and other diverse products. We offer reasonable and fast proto-typing of urethanes in durometer hardnesses from gelatin soft to bone hard.
We are a custom molder of silicones in a wide range of uses from wine industry barrel bungs to custom parts and proto-types in the electronic industry.
We offer over 2,000 standard small molded parts to save you time and money.

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